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Turn On, Tune in and Kick off. The Circled A is a weekly Anarchist radio show on resonance-fm-logoBroadcast every Wed at 9pm till 9.30pm. Repeated Sundays 5am. To listen Live online on Wednesdays go to; . Resonance104.4fm is the world’s first radio art station, established by London Musicians’ Collective. It started broadcasting on May 1st 2002. Its brief? To provide a radical alternative to the universal formulae of mainstream broadcasting. Resonance 104.4 fm features programmes made by musicians, artists and critics who represent the diversity of London’s arts scenes, with regular weekly contributions from nearly two hundred musicians, artists, thinkers, critics, activists and instigators; plus numerous unique broadcasts by artists on the weekday “Clear Spot”.

We’re looking for guests from organisations, groups or campaigns. Email us on:

Like the T-shirt? It’s available to buy from the Sabcat page.

And Circled A T-shirt available here;

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  1. Hi, are there versions of your show that can be played online? I can’t download mp3s on the computer I’m using…

    • Sorry no. But you will be able to listen to it live on Resonance FM. Look on their website for schedule details and on our ‘The Circled A’ fb page for updates of when it will be next broadcast.

  2. Thanks, I’ll try. Maybe it’s something you could do in the future if you can find the time.

  3. Looking forward to the Etonian special once it is uploaded. Where can I get a cool keyring like the one you are sporting? Cheers Yodet

    • Ello. It’s a class war product (a key ring and a bottle opener) which the only place you can get it from I’m sure is at the Anarchist book fair. Head for the class war stall on the 22nd ! :)

  4. I really enjoy your broadcasts but is there a way to embed them, just the same as can be done with videos? I’m no techno-geek, as you probably have guessed.

  5. Thanks, I’ll just have to settle for the link. ann arky.

  6. The content of the show sure has gotten liberal lately!

    What’s with the change in host?

    • If you mean me, this show is presented by unpaid volunteers who do it because they want to. I started doing one show a month to help out (and because I wanted to get into doing radio stuff). As for “liberal”, I presume you mean that I’ve had guests on who aren’t necessarily anarchists. Firstly, there are only so many topics to discuss from a pure anarchist point of view, so I’ve been mixing talking about current issues with radical activists – some anarchists, some trade unionists and some others. The show is coming from an anarchist point of view, that doesn’t mean there’s a gospel to which we have to stick. It’s a good thing to mix things up to try and attract a wide range of listeners who might become interested in anarchist ideas.

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  8. The songs You Say You Wanna Revolution and Baby I’m An Anarchist will both always instinctively make me skip to the next track on an album. I have never liked either of those songs and I never will. But I am now a fanboy of your show, and proudly so. Thank you for existing. Solidarity.


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