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SHOW #36 (07.02.12) lierre keith

Lierre Keith is an American writer, radical feminist,, food activist, and radical environmentalist. She discusses why we need to eat meat to maintain good health, start to go back to basics when farming and raising animals, How corporation have sold us a belief that benefits their profits but destroys the  environment, where we can go to find the right advice and much more!

Listen Now: 7th Feb 2012 Vegetarian Myth

Listen to entire show: Lierre Keith full version

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  1. I’m a veggie but I really like meat so was interested in that. I didn’t feel Lierre dealt with any of the issues although she knocked down some straw men: Like that Veggies think:

    * That Monsanto grain dumping is just
    * That you don’t need nutrients

    She said that “Agriculture” means “Bionic Cleansing” (it means farming and doesn’t necessarily mean fossil fertilised). Her ideal seemed to be a grassland monoculture without trees or shrubs. She said that the “food pyramid” is that you have to eat a lot of grain. It is that animals have to eat plants or animals that ate plants. It sounded like the Meat Marketing Board or the Atkins diet.

    I think that the best argument against vegetarianism is that we need our strength to fight back with. One of the problems is that the land is mostly owned by Aristocrats and they make a lot of money from renting it out to farmers. I don’t think we can afford the expensive meat that she advocates.

    Rearing cattle produces more greenhouse gases than driving cars, UN report warns:

    • I think the only way I can respond to that is we need to go back to basics. Start doing things the way our ancestors did when it comes to diet. I can’t fault her argument. Good meat, as in organic, free range and ethical, shouldn’t be expensive at all. It should be a requirement that all animals are treated with respect. And so should their habitat. We
      need to reclaim our land back. It belongs to the community. Not to the corporations or the state or the Queen for that matter. Let’s go the whole hog with this. And the U.N. can go whistle as far as I’m concerned. How is it a good idea to blame cows for something humans are responsible for. And trust me, ‘the meat marketing board’ are not best pleased with the likes of Keith’s when her ideas are set to make them all go out of pocket. Remember its ethical meat she’s talking about. As it stands there’s nothing ethical or humane about the mainstream meat industry. They have no place in a just world.


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