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SHOW #39 (06.03.12) Anarcha-feminists

We talk about what Feminism means to us and where we see women fighting through struggle is going. We explore Radical Feminism, our current aims as women organizing, 1 million women rise and more!

Listen Now: 6th March 2012 Anarcha-feminists

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  1. The (A) show is my favorite thing to listen to but I didn’t agree with the “Radical Feminist” you interviewed by phone. She said that anti-capitalists should be “against all industries” as an argument against supporting “porn”. It is the bosses of the industries that anti-capitalists and Anarchists oppose. Banning images of our bodies, as they do in Afghanistan, Saudi, etc, only empowers the police.

    • I guess she’s coming from the point of view of a Radical Feminists. And as an Anarchist for me all billion dollar cooperations are suspect. No exceptions. Esp the mainstream porn industry. Cause it’s crooked to the teeth. Countries oppress in all manners of different ways. Religious ones seek to go about it by demanding women cover up even if they don’t want to. And other countries impose and sell us back a false image of what it means to be liberated as a women. It’s important to read between the lines. And the police only have as much power as the legal system gives them. But we all know they break those rules anyway no end. I’m glad you’re enjoying the shows we broadcast 🙂

      • I agree with all of that except when you say “The police only have as much power as the legal system gives them”. For example in France they have lots of authoritarian laws, like the ban on head coverings, but they can’t enforce them because people fight back.

      • I don’t think we should ban religious clothing. I think that’s asking for disaster. I don’t believe in the law that this system declares. its a farce. Mp’s, the police and the rich break the law all the time. Why ask them to enforce anything? As an Anarchist i imagine a world where we the people sanely decide what’s ok and what’s not. be a law onto ourselves. And the point of being free is the fact that you may where whatever it is you like. it’s disturbing what your saying. People can believe in fairy’s for all i care. That’s not where the problem is. Enforcing anything on people that don’t want to play by your rules is the fundamental problem to me.

  2. There’s a really excellent article on why opposing pornography is a left issue here: The rest of the site is quite informative and comes from an anti-capitalist, pro-woman perspective.


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