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SHOW #47 Anarcho-Syndicalism

In another show marking a major historical anniversary for the anarchist movement, Donnacha DeLong takes over again to talk about the great 1912 Jewish tailors’ strike, Rudolf Rocker, anarcho-syndicalism and the IWA. Donnacha is joined in the studio by Rob Ray of UK IWA affiliate Solidarity Federation. The show also includes an interview with Jewish Socialist Group member and East End walks organiser David Rosenberg.

The two events mentioned in the show are the public meeting on the Great 1912 Tailors’ Strike on Wednesday, 23 May at 7pm and the Sweatshops and Struggle East End walk with David Rosenberg on Sunday, 27 May, at 6pm.

Listen Now:

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  1. The music from the show is:
    Pete Seeger – Solidarity Forever:
    Utah Phillips & Ani DiFranco – Bread and Roses:
    Dropkick Murphys ~ Workers Song:

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