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Show #50 John Sinclair & Jude Rawlins


John Sinclair is an American poet from Detroit, one-time manager of the band MC5, and leader of the White Panther Party — a militantly anti-racist countercultural group of white socialists seeking to assist the Black Panthers in the Civil Rights movement — from November 1968 to July 1969.

Jude Rawlins is perhaps best known as lead singer and principle songwriter of London art-rock band Subterranean, whom he formed in 1992. As a teenager in the late 1980s he fronted notorious Midlands indie band Angel-head. He has toured all over the world, published four books, released two solo albums, directed a feature length film, worked with artists as diverse as Derek Jarman and Bjork, and even remixed Madonna. He is also the current chairman of the William Blake Society. He lives in East London and waves flags for no one.

Listen Now: 12th June 2012 John Sinclair&Jude Rawlins

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