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Show #85 Police spies

Police surveillance at the student march April 2012

© Donnacha DeLong

In the last two years, details of undercover police pretending to be activists have slowly emerged. A new book by Paul Lewis and Rob Evans, Undercover: The True Story of Britain’s Secret Police, provides the latest information about police sleeping with activist women while pretending to be someone else and officers using the names of dead children. The case that has outraged the public and led to promises of political action has been the revelation that police spied on the Stephen Lawrence campaign.

Donnacha talks to veteran activist Ellenor Hutson, who knew some of the police spies in their activist cover, about what’s happened and what should happen next.

Listen now:

About Donnacha DeLong

Originally from Dublin, Ireland, Donnacha DeLong is an NUJ activist, journalist and online communications consultant with more than 20 years' professional experience.

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  1. This was an undercover operation so secret that some of our most senior police officers had no idea it existed. The job of the clandestine unit was to monitor British ‘subversives’ – environmental activists, anti-racist groups, animal rights campaigners.

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