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SHOW #43 (03.04.12) One Struggle

A show looking at how feminism interacts with other issues. With Laura from FemCell’s and Callum, a self proclaimed male Feminist hosted by Janey who featured on the International Women’s Day Circled A Show. They talk about Feminism and immigration issues, the friction often present between Feminist groups and wider class struggle and Callum talks about how he applies Feminist critique to his life and activism. Music from Plan B, Nellie McKay and Testement.

Listen Now: 3rd of April 2012 One Struggle

SHOW #39 (06.03.12) Anarcha-feminists

We talk about what Feminism means to us and where we see women fighting through struggle is going. We explore Radical Feminism, our current aims as women organizing, 1 million women rise and more!

Listen Now: 6th March 2012 Anarcha-feminists