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SHOW #44 (10.04.12) Stuart Christie

Stuart Christie a Scottish Anarchist writer and publisher. Christie is best known for being arrested as an 18-year old while attempting to assassinate the Spanish dictator General Franco. He was later alleged to be a member of the Angry Brigade, but was acquitted of related charges. We delve in to the past and also we talk about what Anarchists/libertarians face today and what he’s up to these days. To find out more have a listen.

Listen Now: 10th April 2012 Stuart Christie

Show #38 (28.02.12) Albert Camus

Ashes and diamonds theatre company come on talking about their next production which is on Caligula by Albert Camu at Elevator Gallery on 22nd March – 21st April 2012. Director of Elevator Gallery and founding member of The Hackney Wicked arts festival, a yearly festival held in Hackney Wick. The set designer reveals what he has in store for us. Also Simon Lea – from the Albert Camus Society Uk, one of Europe’s experts in Camus and his work and philosophy is with us on the show. packed studio, great conversation!

Listen Now: 28th Feb 2012 Albert Camus

SHOW #37 (21.02.12) Tony Woods

Tony Woods joins me to talk about his involvement in the London UK Anarchist bookfair, Haringay Solidarity group (HSG), Poll tax action, Legal Defence Monitering Group (LDMG), and Radical London. Let’s get better on network on mass.

Listen Now: 21st Feb 2012 Tony Woods

Show #28 (29.11.11) Alarm at Bank of Ideas P1

Alarm (All London Anarchist Revolutionary Movement) host a talk on ‘What is Anarchism?’ at the newly occupied UBS building Bank of Ideas. Part 1 of 2.

Listen Now: 29th Nov 2011 Bank of Ideas P1

Listen to the entire show in full: Bank of Ideas Entire show