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Show #89 Balcombe Anti-Fracking Protest Camp

lush-frack-off-headerYodet Gherez interviews Tina Louise Rothery (Spokes-person for RAFF – Residents Action on Fylde Fracking) about the recent Anti-Fracking Protests . Also in the studio we get a live performance from Grassy Noel.

Listen Now:

SHOW #36 (07.02.12) lierre keith

Lierre Keith is an American writer, radical feminist,, food activist, and radical environmentalist. She discusses why we need to eat meat to maintain good health, start to go back to basics when farming and raising animals, How corporation have sold us a belief that benefits their profits but destroys the  environment, where we can go to find the right advice and much more!

Listen Now: 7th Feb 2012 Vegetarian Myth

Listen to entire show: Lierre Keith full version

SHOW #32 (10.01.12) Derrick Jensen and Franklin Lopez

Author Derrick Jensen and film maker Franklin Lopez discuss End-Civ and the impact civilization has had on the environment.

Listen Now: 10th Jan 2012 End Civ

Listen to the entire show in full: 10th Jan 2011 End Civ Entire Show

Show #25 (01.11.11) Tara Camp

This weeks show is Kiren who was an activist at Tara. The campaign was against the new M3 motorway planned at the Hill Of Tara (an Ancient site) in Ireland. Protesters had a long running camp there and Kiren reflects his thoughts on the process and how to use that method and also to learn from it for today.

Listen Now: Nov 1st 2011 Tara Protest Camp


Show #11 (12.7.11) Crisis of Civilization

Film maker Dean Puckett and Author Nafeez Ahmed talk in depth about their documentary The Crisis of Civilization and the current global economic situation.

Listen Now: 12th July 2011 (Crisis of Civilization)