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Show #140 International Women’s Day Special


On International Women’s Day Yodet Gherez compiles a show with interviews featuring Feminist Karen Ignala Smith, CEO of Nia, a London-based domestic and sexual violence charity working to end violence against women and girls.

A volunteer from Cross Bones Graveyard, Cross Bones is a post-medieval disused burial ground in London Bridge in what is now known as Redcross Way. As a mark of respect this spot has been turned by volunteers in to a garden. 15,000 are buried here.

Two representatives from the feminist library collective talk about their struggle to keep the library going and the importance of its existence.

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Show #119 Finn Mackay


Finn Mackay is an Author, Academic and Feminist activist. She founded The London Feminist Network. Revived the London Reclaim the Night march, And a former organiser of the Feminism in London Conference. She was nominated as a world-changing woman in a 2006 Guardian poll. After working in youth work and education, Finn devised policy on domestic violence prevention before returning to academia and completing her PhD on the British Women’s Liberation Movement. She is currently a senior lecturer in sociology at the University of the West of England in Bristol. She speaks and writes regularly on Feminist issues, particularly male violence against women.

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SHOW #43 (03.04.12) One Struggle

A show looking at how feminism interacts with other issues. With Laura from FemCell’s and Callum, a self proclaimed male Feminist hosted by Janey who featured on the International Women’s Day Circled A Show. They talk about Feminism and immigration issues, the friction often present between Feminist groups and wider class struggle and Callum talks about how he applies Feminist critique to his life and activism. Music from Plan B, Nellie McKay and Testement.

Listen Now: 3rd of April 2012 One Struggle