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Show #51 Film Maker Greg Hall

Greg Hall is an Anarchist and a film maker who has accomplished a lot independently. He talks about his exciting new project titled ‘Commune’ which he is raising money for through sponsume, and also the film making industry and he proves you can do it alone. Here is where you can find out more; and to give him some dosh to help him create ‘Commune’ sponser here. It’ll be worth it. Lets help out as many fellow Anarchists out there! 🙂

Listen Now: 19th June 2012 Film Maker Greg Hall

SHOW #32 (10.01.12) Derrick Jensen and Franklin Lopez

Author Derrick Jensen and film maker Franklin Lopez discuss End-Civ and the impact civilization has had on the environment.

Listen Now: 10th Jan 2012 End Civ

Listen to the entire show in full: 10th Jan 2011 End Civ Entire Show

Show #11 (12.7.11) Crisis of Civilization

Film maker Dean Puckett and Author Nafeez Ahmed talk in depth about their documentary The Crisis of Civilization and the current global economic situation.

Listen Now: 12th July 2011 (Crisis of Civilization)