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SHOW #36 (07.02.12) lierre keith

Lierre Keith is an American writer, radical feminist,, food activist, and radical environmentalist. She discusses why we need to eat meat to maintain good health, start to go back to basics when farming and raising animals, How corporation have sold us a belief that benefits their profits but destroys the  environment, where we can go to find the right advice and much more!

Listen Now: 7th Feb 2012 Vegetarian Myth

Listen to entire show: Lierre Keith full version

Show #27 (22.11.11) Radical Anthropology with Camilla Power & Chris Knight

chris knight

Renowned Anthropologist Chris Knight is left holding Rosabella whist Camilla Power (also an Anthropologist and lecturer at UEL) and I discuss the menstrual cycle and the moon, make up, sex, revolution and more. Chris talks about the origins  of humans and the so-called selfish gene.

They are behind Government of the Dead, G20 Meltdown, Democracy Village and The Royal Wedding planned action.

Listen Now: 22nd Nov 2011 Radical Anthropology