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Show #106 Trenton Oldfield


Find out what motivated Trenton  Oldfield to use civil disobedience to stop the 2012 Oxford and Cambridge boat race and much more!

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Show #100 Ian Bone !!

ian bone

The Circled A show has reached the 10oth show! To celebrate our anniversary we spend 30min talking to Class War Ian Bone, author of ‘Bash the Rich’!

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Show #99 The Zapatistas!


On January 1st 2014 the Zapatista movement in Mexico celebrated the 20th anniversary of the taking of Chiapas. On the show we’ll be talking over some of the history and the current struggles of the Zapatista’s.

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#98 New Years special-2013 Review

Anarchist Wallpaper__yvt2

A review/countdown of 2013! We take a look at the 10 great demo’s and actions of the year among them Thatcher’s death party at Trafalga Sq, Anti Fracking camp and No More Page 3 campaign.

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Show #97 christmas special with Rob Schellert


An alternative show where we take a look at christmas.

Show #88 The Battle Of Lewisham


Mr G interviews Mrtin Lux for this show. On 13 August 1977, the far-right National Front attempted to march from New Cross to Lewisham in South East London. Local people and anti-racists from all over London and beyond mobilised to oppose them, and the NF were humiliated as their march was disrupted and banners seized. That’s what we like to see.

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Show #62 Mental Health and Creativity

October was the annual world mental health day and on this show we have 3 people from Core Arts which is a charity that exists to promote the artistic and creative abilities of people who experience severe and enduring mental health issues. Kerry Hudson – artist, commentator on Bi – Polar issues, blogger for Huffington Post and her own blog Sea-saw Seating Plan and writer for N16 magazine and currently Mental Healthy magazine, Gary Molloy artist, writer and spokesperson on Bi -Polar Issues and Mark Roberts artist, spokesperson and organiser for Mad Pride.

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Show #56 The ATOS games

DPAC protest against ATOS, Jan 2011

DPAC protest against ATOS, Jan 2011

The Olympics are over, but get ready for the ATOS Games. Timed to coincide with (but not disrupt) the Paralympic Games, the activist group Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC) have planned “five days of action against a company that’s sponsoring the Paralympics but wrecking disabled people’s lives.”

In advance of the action, Donnacha DeLong spoke to Andy from DPAC and Joe from UK Uncut, who are supporting the ATOS Games, to find out what the plans are and where the groups hope to go from there.

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Show #45 Nick Heath

140 years ago, anarchists were kicked out of the First International by Marx and his allies and started their own International. Donnacha DeLong talks to Nick Heath from the Anarchist Federation about what happened 140 years ago and how anarchists have created a number of internationals in the years since. Nick also talks about the anniversary commemorations in St-Imier, Switzerland, planned for August this year.

More details about the commemorations

More details about the Anarchist Federation

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SHOW #44 (10.04.12) Stuart Christie

Stuart Christie a Scottish Anarchist writer and publisher. Christie is best known for being arrested as an 18-year old while attempting to assassinate the Spanish dictator General Franco. He was later alleged to be a member of the Angry Brigade, but was acquitted of related charges. We delve in to the past and also we talk about what Anarchists/libertarians face today and what he’s up to these days. To find out more have a listen.

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