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Show #115 – Barbado’ed – early slavery in America and the Caribbean

White sugar slaves in the fields of the Barbados

Slaves in the sugar fields of Barbados

From the end of the 16th Century until the late 17th, thousands of people from England, Ireland and Scotland – from criminals and street children, to people who fought against Cromwell’s army, we sent into slavery in American and the Caribbean. Many more were hoodwinked or kidnapped into “indentured servitude” that, for most, led to them being worked to death. When these European slaves joined with the new African slaves to rise up against the slave masters, the horrors of perpetual slavery and modern racism were born.

In this show, Donnacha talks to Don Jordan, one of the authors of White Cargo: The Forgotten History of Britain’s White Slaves in America, about the forgotten period of slavery.

Listen now:

And, if you liked the snippet of Damien Dempsey’s song at the end, here’s the full nearly 8 minutes of it:

#98 New Years special-2013 Review

Anarchist Wallpaper__yvt2

A review/countdown of 2013! We take a look at the 10 great demo’s and actions of the year among them Thatcher’s death party at Trafalga Sq, Anti Fracking camp and No More Page 3 campaign.

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Show #53 What’s going on in Ireland?

The credit crunch and Eurozone crisis have hit Ireland very hard, but, unlike Spain, Italy and particularly Greece, there doesn’t appear to have been the same kind of fight-back against austerity on the emerald isle.

In the first of his regular monthly guest slots on the Circled A Show, Dubliner Donnacha DeLong talks to Gregor Kerr of the Workers Solidarity Movement and Mark Hoskins of Unlock NAMA about what is happening on the ground and if there’s a chance things will get more radical.

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Show #25 (01.11.11) Tara Camp

This weeks show is Kiren who was an activist at Tara. The campaign was against the new M3 motorway planned at the Hill Of Tara (an Ancient site) in Ireland. Protesters had a long running camp there and Kiren reflects his thoughts on the process and how to use that method and also to learn from it for today.

Listen Now: Nov 1st 2011 Tara Protest Camp