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Show #70 – Review of 2012

2012 – the year the world didn’t end. Mass spectacles – the Jubilee and the Olympics – dominated a year where that saw fewer examples of peoples’ anger on the streets than the year before. Donnacha DeLong is joined by comedians Kate Smurthwaite and Jonnie Marbles – the man who pied Rupert Murdoch.

A mix of serious comment and some humour.

Listen now:

Show #49 Fuck The Jubilee!

To mark 60 years of the Queen’s reign, the Diamond Jubilee The Circled A has on the show Patrick the executioner. For All those that want to hear the true nature of the head of State and the Empire. Those seriously effected by the cuts will not be coming together for the jubilee. We’ll be coming together with our communities in order to survive.

Listen Now: 5th June 2012 Jubilee Special