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Show #33 (17.01.12) Debbie Shaw and Emily Apple talk at Anarchist Conference

Debbie (lecturer, Activist and an Anch0-Fem) , who has been organising free universities at occupy sun street, talks about New Movements and Emily (in Fit Watch and Activist) about Total policing. It’s a corker!

Listen Now: 17th Jan 2012 New Movements & Total Policing



Show #14 (2.8.11) Police vs Anarchists

The origins of the police force was set up to protect the wealthy (who accumilated their wealth by stealing from the poor) and building gated fences and and calling it private property.

With Martin Lux, author of Antifascist and a class war agitator, alongside film maker Greg Hall discuss the whistle blowing statement put out by the MET Police to snitch on Anarchists.

The start of the intro was cut off whilst airing! If it bugs you it starts with ”The police force are…”.

Listen Now: 2nd August 2011 (Police Vs Anarchists)