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Show #140 International Women’s Day Special


On International Women’s Day Yodet Gherez compiles a show with interviews featuring Feminist Karen Ignala Smith, CEO of Nia, a London-based domestic and sexual violence charity working to end violence against women and girls.

A volunteer from Cross Bones Graveyard, Cross Bones is a post-medieval disused burial ground in London Bridge in what is now known as Redcross Way. As a mark of respect this spot has been turned by volunteers in to a garden. 15,000 are buried here.

Two representatives from the feminist library collective talk about their struggle to keep the library going and the importance of its existence.

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Show #82 Radical Feminism


Writter and Radical Feminist Elizabeth Carola explains her politics. Music by The Slits ‘Ask Ma’ and ‘Feminist Terrorist’ by Luise Pop.

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