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Show #118 Zaher Baher


Donnacha DeLong returns this week with a show about what’s happening in Syrian Kurdistan, with an activist who has seen first hand the new society Kurds are trying to build in the midst of conflict. Features Tottenham’s own Zaher Baher talking about what’s going on in Rojava in Syria and why they need our solidarity.

Listen Now:

Read some of Zaher’s writings here.

And here.

And listen to his Anarchist Bookfair talk last year here.

Show #102 – The truth about Syria

Bonnie Newman with Syrian refugees in Lebanon

Bonnie Newman with Syrian refugees in Lebanon © Bonnie Newman

In 2011, the Syrian uprising was celebrated as one of the most amazing examples of the uprisings across North Africa and the Middle East. Thousands taking to the street in one of the most repressive countries in the region was unprecedented.

Since then, many on the left have turned against the opposition, focussing on opportunistic Islamist elements rather than the majority. Worse, some have lauded the Assad regime as a bulwark of anti-imperialism.

In this show, Donnacha DeLong talks to two journalists – Bonnie Newman and Ewa Jasiewicz – who have visited the region in the last year about what’s really going on in Syria.

Listen now:

The track featured in the show: