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Show #141 Anarchism and Art

On this show is Grassy Noel, a spoken word artist and a playwright. He performance his latest poem ‘Alicia Through the Shattered Glass’.


Kevin Caplicki from Just Seeds, an Artists’ Cooperative and decentralised network, is also on the show. Just Seeds are a North America Art guild with 23 artists producing socially and environmentally engaged art. They print, write, design, paint and illustrate. They run a Webstore and a Blog


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  1. Thanks for having me on!
    It’s always tough to be succinct in a short interview. People can check out outer website and blog to get a sense of the politics and ideas that inspire us as a group.
    For me anti imperialism, anarchism, resistance, ecology, health are among some of the themes that inform the art I create.
    Please reach out to us and I hope to make it to this year’s London book fair


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