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Show #82 Radical Feminism


Writter and Radical Feminist Elizabeth Carola explains her politics. Music by The Slits ‘Ask Ma’ and ‘Feminist Terrorist’ by Luise Pop.

Listen Now:

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  1. granttbreality

    Hi, can I download this?

    • you can find some of our shows on soundcloud where you can download them.

      • granttbreality

        Thanks. The only Soundcloud show for April 2013 is dated the 26th, and the date above is the 13th, so I assume they’re different. Might there be another way I could download this? I listen to podcasts while walking or cycling, but the battery on my phone is weak (though new) so I don’t stream to my phone.

      • Ok I’ll see what I can do! It’s very annoying that WordPress has changed the possibility to download. I’m sure it’s just a setting adjustment.

      • granttbreality


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