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Show #139 Douglas Rushkoff

Throwing Rocks at the Google Bus cover

Douglas Rushkoff has, since the early 1990s, been one of the most important writers about the internet, online business and the effect of society. His new book, Throwing Rocks at the Google Bus, looks at how the models that dominate modern business practice are ultimately destructive and need to change.

Douglas joined Donnacha DeLong on Skype from New York to talk about his books and how the world can become a better place.

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Show #138 Artist ATM


An interview with Street Artist ATM. A London-based artist whose beautiful paintings of London’s rare and endangered British birds are appearing without warning on concrete fascias of decaying housing estates, brick walls, railway arches and unglamorous spots around the capital.

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Show #137 Peter Gelderloos


Peter Gelderloos is an anarchist and author from U.S. Virginia. His books include How Nonviolence Protects the State, Consensus, Anarchy Works, The Failure of Nonviolence, the travel narrative To Get to the Other Side, and the collection of short stories Sousa in the Echo Chamber. He currently lives in Barcelona, where he takes part in ongoing social struggles.

In his book Anarchy Works, Gelderloss argues that free societies are not possible so long as governments try to crush any pocket of independence. We discuss some ideas in his books.

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Show #136 The Fuck Parade:against Gentrification


Arthur is a working class Anarchist, anti fascist and one of the key organisers of the Fuck Parade, a demonstration against the increasing gentrification of London UK. We talk about their previous protests, identity politics, Hipsters, The Tories, Class War politics Anarchism and more.

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Show #135 Tim Wells


Poet Tim Wells is the founding editor of the poetry magazine ‘Rising’. He has performed his work widely and has worked as guest poet on Radio London and with ‘Tighten Up’, the East London reggae sound system. His books include Keep the Faith, Rougher Yet, and Boys’ Night Out in the Afternoon, which was shortlisted for the Forward Prize for Best First Collection.

We talk about Anti Fascism, the gentrification of London, the art of spoken word, the working class and the influence of ska music on British culture as it emerged.

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Show #134 – Zapatista solidarity

International Brigadas - VIVA EZLN © seven resist

International Brigadas – VIVA EZLN © seven resist

Donnacha talks to Lia from the Manchester Zapatista Collective about the Chiapas uprisings, the current situation on the ground and what activists can do to help.

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Show #133 Kajsa Ekis Ekman

Kajsa Ekis Ekman

photo by Patricia Reyes

On this show is Swedish journalist, writer and activist, Kajsa Ekis Ekman. She is the author of several works about the financial crisis, women’s rights and Marxism including ‘Being and Being Bought – Prostitution, Surrogacy and the Split Self’. She writes for the major newspaper in Sweden called “Today’s News” and is a columnist at the leftwing daily ETC and is a member of the editing collective of the anarchist magazine ‘Brand’ in English translates as ‘Fire’ (published since 1898).

She is public speaker and was one of the key note speakers at the 2014 ‘Festival of dangerous ideas’ and has delivered a Ted talk on capitalism. She has founded the networks, Feminists Against Surrogacy and the climate action group, Klimax.

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