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Show #143 Activism, Wombles & Plan C


On this show Yodet Gherez interviews a long standing Activist who was involved with the Anti Globalization Movements of the late 90’s and early 2000’s. We talk about old and new groups he has been in or is a part of like The Wombles, Plan C, Anti-Fascist organising, varies campaigns and more!

Music by the band 52 commercial road .

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Show #136 The Fuck Parade:against Gentrification


Arthur is a working class Anarchist, anti fascist and one of the key organisers of the Fuck Parade, a demonstration against the increasing gentrification of London UK. We talk about their previous protests, identity politics, Hipsters, The Tories, Class War politics Anarchism and more.

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Show #130 Streets Kitchen


Founder of Streets Kitchen Jon Glackin talks about the hardship of the homeless and the impact Government austerity is having on poor people.  Streets Kitchen is an independent organisation which gives food, sleeping bags, food and other essential items to the homeless.

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Show #106 Trenton Oldfield


Find out what motivated Trenton  Oldfield to use civil disobedience to stop the 2012 Oxford and Cambridge boat race and much more!

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Show #89 Balcombe Anti-Fracking Protest Camp

lush-frack-off-headerYodet Gherez interviews Tina Louise Rothery (Spokes-person for RAFF – Residents Action on Fylde Fracking) about the recent Anti-Fracking Protests . Also in the studio we get a live performance from Grassy Noel.

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Show #30 (13.12.11) Occupy Everywhere!

This week’s show looks at the occupy movement in London, with guests from the St Paul’s camp and the squatted UBS building Bank of ideas, discussing the occupations and the Occupy Everywhere action on Dec the 15th 2011.

Listen Now: 13th Dec 2011 Occupy Everywhere

Show #29 (06.12.11) Alarm at Bank of Ideas P2

Alarm (All London Anarchist Revolutionary Movement) host a talk on ‘What is Anarchism?’ at the newly occupied UBS building Bank of Ideas. Part 2 of 2.

Listen Now: 6th Dec 2011 Bank of Ideas P2

Listen to the entire show in full: Bank of Ideas Entire show

Show #25 (01.11.11) Tara Camp

This weeks show is Kiren who was an activist at Tara. The campaign was against the new M3 motorway planned at the Hill Of Tara (an Ancient site) in Ireland. Protesters had a long running camp there and Kiren reflects his thoughts on the process and how to use that method and also to learn from it for today.

Listen Now: Nov 1st 2011 Tara Protest Camp