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Show #136 The Fuck Parade:against Gentrification


Arthur is a working class Anarchist, anti fascist and one of the key organisers of the Fuck Parade, a demonstration against the increasing gentrification of London UK. We talk about their previous protests, identity politics, Hipsters, The Tories, Class War politics Anarchism and more.

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Show #106 Trenton Oldfield


Find out what motivated Trenton  Oldfield to use civil disobedience to stop the 2012 Oxford and Cambridge boat race and much more!

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Show #100 Ian Bone !!

ian bone

The Circled A show has reached the 10oth show! To celebrate our anniversary we spend 30min talking to Class War Ian Bone, author of ‘Bash the Rich’!

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Show #91 Mr G on Air

As for politics I'm an anarchist

Mr G shares with us his delightful rants and songs. Full of Class War as we like always.

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Show #23 (11.10.11) EMA Not Eton!

Following up from the debate on Ian Bone’s blog which was a result of the EMA Not ETON demonstration i decided to have the two sides explain themselves.  Future debates planned until this is resolved.

Listen Now: Oct 11th 2011 EMA NOT ETON

Show #3 (10.5.11) WAG Pt 1


A discussion with former Whitechapel Anarchist Group (WAG) on ALARM, May Day and The Royal Wedding.

Listen Now: 10th May 2011 (WAG Part 1)