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Show #136 The Fuck Parade:against Gentrification


Arthur is a working class Anarchist, anti fascist and one of the key organisers of the Fuck Parade, a demonstration against the increasing gentrification of London UK. We talk about their previous protests, identity politics, Hipsters, The Tories, Class War politics Anarchism and more.

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show #94 Mr G Capitalism and London


Tales of anger and dispair from Mr G. The cult of Capitalism and how the new London will be, in monolouge.

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Show #93 Hollie Mcnish


Hollie McNish is a published UK poet and spoken word artist. She performs live some of her most popular poems and talks about what inspires her and the meaning behind her creative writting.

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Show #72 Freedom after the fire

On Friday 1 February, Freedom Bookshop in Whitechapel was firebombed. The Bookshop is home to Freedom Press, founded in 1886 by a group of friends, including Charlotte Wilson and Peter Kropotkin. It remains one of the final remnants of the radical history of London’s East End and has been targeted before.

Donnacha talks to Simon from the Freedom Collective about what’s happening in the Bookshop and asks why Freedom Press is such an important part of anarchist history.

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Find out what you can do to help Freedom.

Show #71 52 Commercial Road

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52 Commercial Road are a post-rock group from London, England who began in 2003.

Initially formed in the bedroom of five close friends at seventeen, where they found they all held uncommon musical interests and influences. They began learning their craft together with an aim no greater than to seek refuge in each other’s company and make the music they longed to hear.

Eventually finding a more suitable home (literally) amongst London’s activist and squatting scene, they refined their creative instincts in the abandoned structures from where they eventually took their name. 52 Commercial Road signified much more than a place to them; a shared experience of youth, hedonism, freedom, the birth of close friendships and an existence outside of mainstream culture. It has come to define and represent a collective memory, of transience, identity and politicisation.

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Show #28 (29.11.11) Alarm at Bank of Ideas P1

Alarm (All London Anarchist Revolutionary Movement) host a talk on ‘What is Anarchism?’ at the newly occupied UBS building Bank of Ideas. Part 1 of 2.

Listen Now: 29th Nov 2011 Bank of Ideas P1

Listen to the entire show in full: Bank of Ideas Entire show


Show #23 (11.10.11) EMA Not Eton!

Following up from the debate on Ian Bone’s blog which was a result of the EMA Not ETON demonstration i decided to have the two sides explain themselves.  Future debates planned until this is resolved.

Listen Now: Oct 11th 2011 EMA NOT ETON