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Show #143 Activism, Wombles & Plan C


On this show Yodet Gherez interviews a long standing Activist who was involved with the Anti Globalization Movements of the late 90’s and early 2000’s. We talk about old and new groups he has been in or is a part of like The Wombles, Plan C, Anti-Fascist organising, varies campaigns and more!

Music by the band 52 commercial road .

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Show #71 52 Commercial Road

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52 Commercial Road are a post-rock group from London, England who began in 2003.

Initially formed in the bedroom of five close friends at seventeen, where they found they all held uncommon musical interests and influences. They began learning their craft together with an aim no greater than to seek refuge in each other’s company and make the music they longed to hear.

Eventually finding a more suitable home (literally) amongst London’s activist and squatting scene, they refined their creative instincts in the abandoned structures from where they eventually took their name. 52 Commercial Road signified much more than a place to them; a shared experience of youth, hedonism, freedom, the birth of close friendships and an existence outside of mainstream culture. It has come to define and represent a collective memory, of transience, identity and politicisation.

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