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Show #116 Grant Fleming


Photo Journalist Grant Fleming talk about his current exhibition, photographing music icons and political ones, his stories of where his passion has taken him and more!

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This is the last show and The Circled A is no longer broadcasting.

Music by Sugar Man aka Sixto Rodriguez

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Show #115 – Barbado’ed – early slavery in America and the Caribbean

White sugar slaves in the fields of the Barbados

Slaves in the sugar fields of Barbados

From the end of the 16th Century until the late 17th, thousands of people from England, Ireland and Scotland – from criminals and street children, to people who fought against Cromwell’s army, we sent into slavery in American and the Caribbean. Many more were hoodwinked or kidnapped into “indentured servitude” that, for most, led to them being worked to death. When these European slaves joined with the new African slaves to rise up against the slave masters, the horrors of perpetual slavery and modern racism were born.

In this show, Donnacha talks to Don Jordan, one of the authors of White Cargo: The Forgotten History of Britain’s White Slaves in America, about the forgotten period of slavery.

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And, if you liked the snippet of Damien Dempsey’s song at the end, here’s the full nearly 8 minutes of it:

Show #114 Red&Black Telly

Clever-Anarchist-GraffitiMartin Lux joins Yodet Gherez in the studio to talk about his Red&Black Telly on youtube.

He shares his thoughts on Boko Haram, May Day 2014, Russell Brand, The Governments attack on young adults, Anarchist lifestyle politics and what it means to truly stand up against power.

Music by hip hop artist Jehst and hip hop group Qeld.

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show #113 Dublin Easter Uprising and more


Mr G talks about the joys of Easter, as well as a look back to Dublin’s Easter Uprising of 1916, which was a pivotal event in Ireland’s recent history. Before the Easter Uprising, few in Ireland were overt supporters of the rebels. After the 1916 Uprising, those involved achieved the status of heroes. Other subjects include The Peasants’ Revolt (also called Wat Tyler’s Rebellion or the Great Rising), and a look at Greenwich’s new statue.

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show #112 Sulejman Brkic


Sulejman Brkic, based in Japan, and i talk about Tokyo Spring, Fukushima, his job loss, Tokyo Anti-Fa and more!

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Show #111 Rudolf Rocker – Irish history

Donnacha DeLong recently gave two talks – one on Rudolf Rocker at the launch of Freedom’s new edition of Anarchism and Anarcho-Syndicalism on 22 March. A week before that, he gave a talk on the history of the Irish in building mass trade unions in the UK at the launch of Irish History Month. This Circled A Show includes a recording of the full Rocker talk, and some of the Irish history talk.

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You can hear the rest of the Irish history talk in the video.

Irish History Month: Donnacha De Long – The Role of the Irish in the Trade Union and Political Movements in Britain from Jason N. Parkinson/reportdigital on Vimeo.

Show #110 Sanaz Raji Campaign

sanez raj

We discuss Sanaz Raji’s on going campaign and the circumstances. Here is her blog which provides the full information;

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