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Show #111 Rudolf Rocker – Irish history

Donnacha DeLong recently gave two talks – one on Rudolf Rocker at the launch of Freedom’s new edition of Anarchism and Anarcho-Syndicalism on 22 March. A week before that, he gave a talk on the history of the Irish in building mass trade unions in the UK at the launch of Irish History Month. This Circled A Show includes a recording of the full Rocker talk, and some of the Irish history talk.

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You can hear the rest of the Irish history talk in the video.

Irish History Month: Donnacha De Long – The Role of the Irish in the Trade Union and Political Movements in Britain from Jason N. Parkinson/reportdigital on Vimeo.

Show #110 Sanaz Raji Campaign

sanez raj

We discuss Sanaz Raji’s on going campaign and the circumstances. Here is her blog which provides the full information;

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Show #109 Whitechapel Anarchist Group



Two members of the Whitechapel Anarchist Group, Greg Hall and Gawain, try to face thier ghosts by looking at the reasoning behind the foul mouthed, angry and seditious collective in the past ten years. Threatned by the EDL, infiltrated by the dail mail and stalked by the met police. Tune in to hear the story of WAG.

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Show #108 Radical education

1972460_10152336148211419_301576612_nJaney explores radical education.

“The master’s tools will never dismantle the masters house” Audre Lorde

A show looking at the political function of education in the UK and worldwide and possible alternatives. I’m joined by guests with experience of home-schooling and teaching abroad.

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Show #107 Bosnia

Mostar school destroyed in the 1992 conflict

Mostar school destroyed in the 1992 conflict ©Donnacha DeLong

While the world’s attention has shifted to the Ukraine, Donnacha DeLong talks to a revolutionary in Sarajevo about the recent uprising in Bosnia Herzegovina.

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Show #106 Trenton Oldfield


Find out what motivated Trenton  Oldfield to use civil disobedience to stop the 2012 Oxford and Cambridge boat race and much more!

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show #105 Mr G on Ukraine and Scottish Independence


Rants and raves with Mr G on Scottish independence and Ukrainian revolution. Will this rising nationalism provide a path away from doom or just leave us all with bed sores?


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