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The Circled A is an Anarchist radio show which broadcasts on Resonance FM from 2011. Past shows available on here.

#147 Tim Wise (coming soon)

#146 (coming soon)

#145 Vandana Shiva

#144 Diane Goldie

#143 The Wombles, Plan C and Activism

#142 Architects for Social Housing

#141 Anarchism & Art

#140 International Women’s Day Special

#139 Douglas Rushkoff

#138 Artist ATM

#137 Peter Gelderloos

#136 The Fuck Parade:Against Gentrification 

#135 Tim Wells

#134 Zapatista Solidarity

#133 Kajsa Ekis Ekman

#132 Yap

#131 The Far Right In Europe

#130 Streets Kitchen

#129 Osagyefo Uhuru Sekou

#128 Yelena Kensbourn on Ukraine

#127 Chester P

#126 Nawal El Saadawi

#125 Carrie Reichardt

#124 Blek Le Rat

#123 Dunstan Bruce

#122 Scott Crow

#121 Kate Smurthwaite & Non State Torture

#120 Maryam Namazie

#119 Finn Mackay

#118 Zaher Baher

#117 Lisa Mackenzie ‘Getting By : Estate, Class and Culture in Austerity Britain’

#116 Grant Fleming Photo Journalist

#115  Barbado’ed – early slavery in America and the Caribbean

#114 Red&Black Telly with Martin Lux

#113 Dublin Easter Uprising, The Peasants’ Revolt (also called Wat Tyler’s Rebellion or the Great Rising) and Greenwich New statue

#112 Sulejman Brkic on politics and life in Tokyo

#111 Rudolf Rocker, Irish History

#110 Sanaz Raji international student in uk

#109 Whitechapel Anarchist Group 

#108 Radical Education discussion

#107 Bosnia and Herzegovina uprising

#106 Trenton Oldfield on Civil disobedience

#105 The Ukraine and Scottish Independence

#104 The Artist Taxi Driver aka Mark McGowan aka Chunky Mark

#103 The Black Panther Party legacy

#102 Syria Civil war

#101 Poison Industry and pubs in London

#100 Ian Bone Author of ‘Bash The Rich’ and creator of Class War

#99 Zapatista 20th anniversary of taking Chiapas

#98 New Years Special-Review of 2013

#97 Christmas Special with Rob Schellert 

#96 The Dublin Lockout

#95 Rob Evans author of ‘Undercover’ a look at Britain’s secret police

#94 Capitalism and the New London

#93 Hollie McNish (Critically Acclaimed Poet)

#92 Libel Stories Internet And The Law

#91 Monologue on Anarchism and Class War

#90 Strike Day and The EDL

#89 Balcombe Anti Fracking Protests and Grassy Noel performs live

#88 The Battle Of Lewisham

#87 A look at Radical Music

#86 LoudSpeka (Established Poet) live performance

#85 Police Spies in the Uk and a chat with an activist who knew them

#84 undercover police Scandal, Mandela Legacy, protests in Turkey and a tale of King Arthur.

#83 The Monarchy with Martin Wright 

#82 Radical Feminism

#81 Turkey and the troubles

#80 Discussion on Woolwhich lee rigby killing and The 1381 Peasants Revolt

#79 Taking on the police in the courts and winning!

#78 BarnCamp 2013

#77 Voices from Thatchers Death Party in Trafalga Sq

#76 Martin Bowes (musician)

#75 Iain McKay Radical Publications part 2

#74 Sex & hierarchichy with Laurie Penny and Zoe Stavri 

#73 Iain McKay Radical Publications part 1

#72 Freedom Bookshop and Anarchist History

#71 52 Commercial road the band

#70 A Review of 2012 with Kate Smurthwaite and Jonnie Marbles

#69 Mainstream Media with Simon, a union rep at the BBC, and Thais Portilho-Shrimpton, who worked for the Hacked Off campaign during the Leveson inquiry.

#68 Occupied Times News paper

#67 Reflections on Radical Media with London Indymedia

#66 Scott Crow, a community organizer, writer, strategist and speaker who advocates the philosophy and practices of anarchism for social, environmental, and economic aims.

#65 Robert King, one of the Angola 3 former prisoners

#64 Remembering Dale Farm

#63 The London Anarchist Bookfair with organiser Tony Wood and from Freedom Press Jayne

#62 Mental Health and Creativity with Core Arts Charity

#61 Occupy Spain organisers talk about their movement

#60 Global Women Strike part 2

#59 The Free Associated Collective

#58 General Strike with Becca Kirkpatrick from Solidarity Magazine and Stuart from the Industrial Workers of the World

#57 Anarchism, Gender and Sexuality

#56 The Atos Games Andy from DPAC and Joe from UK Uncut,

#55 Anna Minton author of ‘Ground Control’

#54 Global Women Strike part 1

#53 What’s going on in Ireland with Gregor Kerr of the Workers Solidarity Movement and Mark Hoskins of Unlock NAMA

#52 A look at Dissident Island Radio with member Chickpea

#51 Greg Hall Anarchist and Independent Film maker

#50 Poet John Sinclair with musician Jude Rawlins

#49 Fuck the Jubilee with Activist Patrick

#48 Anarchists Against the Wall in Israel

#47 Anarcho Syndicalism featuring The Great 1912 Tailors Strike and The Sweatshop and Struggle East End 

#46 Reel News and Indymedia

#45 Nick Heath (Anarchist Federation) on The First International and the anniversary commemorations in St-Imier, Switzerland

#44 Stuart Christie (Angry Brigade)

#43 One Struggle and Feminism

#42 McLibel Case with Dave Morris

#41 Prisons with Charlie Ryder (former political prisoner) and Carl Catamole (Author of HMP A Survival Guide)

#40 Simon Lea From the Albert Camus society discuss Albert Camus being influenced by Anarchist Bakunin

#39 Anarcha-Feminsm

#38 A theatre production of Caligula by Albert Camus at The Elevator Gallery

#37 Activist Tony Wood on The London UK Anarchist bookfair, Haringay Solidarity group (HSG), Poll tax action, Legal Defence Monitering Group (LDMG), and Radical London.

#36 Lierre Keith discusses why we need to eat meat to maintain good health, start to go back to basics when farming and raising animals, How corporation have sold us a belief that benefits their profits but destroys the  environment.

#35 Benjamin Zephaniah on Animal Rights, turning down an OBE, being on Question time, and Police brutality.

#34 Woman and Anarchism

#33 Alarms Anarchist Conference. lecturers by Debbie Shaw on New Movements and ‘Fit Watch’ on Total policing.

#32 ‘End-Civ’ with Franklin Lopez and Derrick Jensen 

#31 Marxism vs Anarchism debate hosted by Marxist Society at Chelsea College Of Art

#30 Occupy Everywhere, a discussion on movement in London, with the St Paul’s camp and the squatted UBS building Bank of ideas of 2011.

#29 Alarm hosts a talk-What is Anarchism?- at The Bank of Ideas part 2

#28 Alarm hosts a talk-What is Anarchism?- at The Bank of Ideas part 1

#27 Radical Anthrolopology with Camilla Power and Chris Knight

#26 Michela Wrong, Author of ‘I didn’t do it for you’ who writes about African Nations.

#25 Tara Protest Camp

#24 Crimminalising Squatting with Advisory Service for Squatters (ASS)

#23 EMA not Eton!

#22 Donnacha DeLong NUJ (National Union of Journalists) talks about syndicalism, the media representation of Dale farm and the function of the news cooperation’s in this Capitalist society

#21 Immigration And Refugees. With group member from ‘No Borders’. Also  organisations SandBlast-Arts and Olive Branch theatre talk about the Western Sahara conflict.

#20 The phenomenon of Conspiracy Theory’s with Paul Stott

#19 Photo journalist Guy Smallman and Alarm Gwain Williams from Alarm’s refect on The English Defence League failed attempt to enter Tower Hamlets.

#18 Religion And Politics

#17 Poet Angry Sam

#16 Hip Hop Artist Jehst

#15 The London Riots Special

#14 Police vs Anarchists

#13 Musician and Activivst Bryn Phillips on ConDem Government, Performing and being banned from Canary Wharf, Squatting, Tesco and Situationist theory from ‘Society of the Spectacle’.

#12 Peter Tatchell (Gay rights and Humanitarian Activist) with Alex (ALARM) discuss fundamentalism, fascism, homophobia, the rise of the Right and a critique of the Left.

#11 Dean Puckett (Film Maker) and Nafeez Ahmed (Author) talk in depth about their documentary ‘The Crisis of Civilization’ and the current global economic situation.

#10 John Sinclair on his time as Manager of MC5, founder of the White Panther Party, politics and imprisonment and his new life as a poet.

#7 Alarm- All London Anarchist Revolutionary Movement

#8 Peace Strike with Maria who set up camp on Parliment Sq

#7 Political Art and The J30 Strike

#6 Antenatal

#5 Libya

#4 Whitechapel Anarchist Group with Greg Hall and Gawain Williams of on Alternative Vote, Rally Against Debt, Libya and the conspiracy around Osama Bin Laden.

#3 Whitechapel Anarchist Group with Greg Hall and Gawain Williams on new group ALARM, May Day and The Royal Wedding.

#2 TUC Demo Special

#1 International Women’s Day 8th May 2011 with Una from The Feminist Library and Emily Apple from Fit Watch.

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  1. Is there any way to get this show on mobile platform, like soundcloud or I tunes? i like to download and listen on my headphones on my mobile whilst i do stuff, but you don’t seem to be on any other platform


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